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Empowering the underrepresented community to fulfil their potential through increasing diversity in technology.


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Two top-of-their-game tech entrepreneurs, saw the damage being done by the Covid-19 pandemic to our underrepresented communities. The solution was a company that can identify, upskill and place the next generation of diverse technologists.

That company is Code Untapped 

Ez Britton


A tech founder with over 15 years experience in FinTech. Ez’s journey has taken him from Software Developer to Co-Founder and CTO to Venture Capital.

Jason Halstead


Jason is a financial technologist with over 20 years experience in working with global financial institutions. He is founder of Uome SME a Finance/CRM platform and is passionate about empowering talent to reach their full potential whilst creating diverse working environments

Why we care about diversity and have built this platform

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